About BellezaByMoy

Hi, welcome to my blog page!

As you all know what I’m gonna share with you guys, yup, it’s all about natural & organic skincare & flower/fruit tea!

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What is the brand that I’m representing? Yup, I’m not the owner but I was into this brand coz what I’m selling also I used it too!

T E A M I . N A T U R A L

What you all should know first, we do not have any KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) registration due to homemade or homebased skincare. That’s mean, we are not factory or big company which produce a massive quantity. I hope that will clear it up & please don’t ask again 🙏🏻

Teami Natural had quite a range of products by now. I remembered when I joined as dropship back in 2017, the founder only sells flower & fruit tea, vitamin C. That’s when I started to realise the importance of organic and natural ingredients.

Soon, Teami Natural bring out the range of natural soap! Now we have 6 different types of soaps to choose. After that, Natural Face Oil which this thing was a hit! As started there were 3 types of face oil; sensitive, oily to acne & dry..followed by normal & mature. So total for face oil is 5 types, where you can find it like that? Nope..only Teami Natural does that!

Okay this is gonna be a longgggggg list; so I’ll just make it a point to make it easier for you.

• Flower Tea

• Fruit Tea

• Tea in Box

• Vitamin C + Rosehip

• Face Soap

• Face Oil

• Clay Mask

• Loofah Soap

• Body Scrub

• Face Scrub

• Bath/Foot Soak

• Lip Scrub

• Baby Powder

The latest incoming product was for baby! I’m quite excited for this coz everyone know a mom would spend on their kids first before them 😁

So hopefully my journey will continue until success!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻